Having the kids at home for the holidays can be the most pleasant experience if you can come up with fun activities to keep them occupied. Binge watching television programmes, spending extended periods on digital devices and playing video games incessantly does more harm than good to our children. A little bit of tech time is absolutely encouraged now and again, but needs to be moderated due to the limitations towards creativity and imagination.

In order to repel the dreaded words “I’m bored” and preserve the tranquillity of everyone’s holiday happiness, we have complied a list of 5 fun, productive activities to keep your kids busy and entertained during the school holidays.

Reading – Provide supervised access to a library or book shop and give your kids the freedom to make their own reading choices. Make an adventure out of it and snuggle up near the fireplace with some tea or hot chocolate during the winter or lay out a picnic rug and take advantage of some fresh air with their favourite book in the summertime.

Cooking/ Baking – Teach your kids how to prepare their favourite food by finding a simple recipes and bringing them along to help with shopping for the required ingredients. Standby to supervise and provide guidance throughout the preparation and cooking process. They might even surprise you by offering a hand in the kitchen every once in a while. Get them to help with the cleaning afterwards as well.

Organised Physical Activities – Physical activity is the perfect remedy for boredom and the benefits are profound at every age. It is a great way for kids to meet new friends that enjoy the same hobbies, while keeping active and improving their general health and wellbeing. Organised physical activities include walking, cycling, free play, games and sports of varying intensity.

Arts and Crafts – Allow the kids to get their hands dirty with different arts and crafts. They will enjoy exploring their creative sides through fun activities such as painting, modelling clay and making small ornaments that they could exhibit and sell at a craft market. (The perfect solution for those “masterpieces” you’d rather not display in the living room)

Volunteering – Adding value brings children a sense of fulfilment that many activities cannot match. Encourage the kids to do good within the community by helping an elderly neighbour with their gardening, taking part in an environmental project or supporting a local pet shelter among many other available endeavours.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Incorporate these useful tips into future school break plans and enjoy, Happy, Stress-free Holidays!


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