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Life Skills

Our school offers Programs for the different age groups and the classrooms are equipped for children to develop in Numeracy and Logical Thinking Skills, Literacy and reading skill, Life Skills, Science experiments and developing team work with their fellow classmate and friends. The children build friendship and the child is equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in their future schooling life and for life. Montessori education is not only to develop the child to be academically ready but to develop the child holistically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

18mths – 3 yrs – Play Group-000

Our Play Group – 000 Program is designed to holistically develop the child. It allows the child to move freely in the environment and encourages cognitive and physical growth along with problem solving and self help skills. The environment is rich in vocabulary and increase the child’s language skills, allows the child to develop gross and fine motor skills. Children also work on tactile and visual aspects of learning with the following activities like Pink Tower, Broad Stair, Sandpaper alphabets.

4-5yrs – RR- 00

Our RR – 00 Program offers the child a rich and stimulating and well prepared environment that allows them to work with a wide variety of learning activities or apparatus. The curriculum allows the child to explore and discover from our Maths, Language, Practical Life or everyday activities to promote curiosity, learning and creativity. In our program the child also learn to communicate and express their thoughts in an open learning environment and work with other children in a group setting. Writing and blending 3 letter words, grasping basic concepts of reading. We also introduce addition and subtraction using the Number Rods and Short Bead Stairs.

5-6yrs – Readiness- Grade 0

Our Grade R – 0 program forms the foundation of the child’s future educational journey. It prepares the child intellectually,emotionally, socially and physically for Primary education. Children are provided abundant learning appartus to experience, explore and discover Math, Literacy, Science and Life Skill. Children begin to build 3 letter words, read simple books, work with addition and subtraction using the numbers 1-10 then 1-20.

Our Curriculum

Practical Life

Practical Life is the Foundation of the Montessori Environment. Activities are simple and concrete and is everyday life skills. Children are taught pouring, spooning, threading, care of oneself (Dressing Frames), care of environment(sweeping, moping), grace and courtesy skills(please, thank you). All the activities helps to develop in the child, independence, order, self control, concentration and co-ordination.


The Sensorial Shelf helps the child to explore and develop using their five senses. The activities are designed to make the child aware of colour, size, texture, weight, dimension, smell, taste, sound. Sensorial activities develops independence, order, estimation, it helps with classification and the perception of similar and differences. Sensorial activities helps to lay down the foundation for activities in the Math Area. Sensorial Activities – Pink Tower, Broad Stair, Colour Tablets, Smell Bottles, Touch Tablets.


Language development is an integral part of the Montessori environment. Language builds the foundation necessary for literacy. Children are taught to recognize and associate the alphabets according to phonic sounds by using the Sandpaper Alphabets which also develop writing skills. Children learn to blend and form words and this is a start to sentence structure.


The Maths curriculum and activities that is provided helps to develop a strong foundation for Mathematical skills and Geometrical concepts. Activities like Number Rods, Sandpaper Numbers, Counters are concrete learning material which is basic maths and they progress to more abstract advance concepts, problem solving and reasoning.

Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies provide the foundation for the child to learn about the world around them. Activities in Zoology, Botany, Geography, History and Science broadens the understanding of the world they live in. They learn about different cultures and life styles and to respect and appreciate other people and their culture.

Arts and Crafts

Children are encouraged to develop their imagination and creativity through painting, colouring, play dough. These activities allows the child to communicate and express themselves through these fun ways.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play is an integral part of growing up for every child. Children’s gross motor skills is developed during playtime on the Jungle Gym and other outdoor equipment. Children are encouraged to run, jump, skip. Children playing together promotes social skills, making new friends, sharing, taking turns.

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