Early start montessori Pre-Primary & Primary School


We are a well established Montessori offering high quality Education in a caring, nurturing, safe , rich and stimulating environment.


Our Environment

The Learning Environment is carefully planned, designed and inviting for each child to work at their own pace, work freely and to express themselves. Children are taught to respect the environment, their teachers and fellow friends.

Locations: 623 Stella Road, Malvern, Queensburgh

Telephone: 068 341 4676

Email: [email protected]

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 3pm

Learn By Doing

We believe that each child is unique, with their own personalities, their own intellectual abilities, their own interest, culture and learning pace. Early Start Montessori provides the child with activities and a learning environment that will stimulate each child to reach their full potential and to develop the love for learning, to work by themselves, to experience and explore the environment with new and exciting Montessori equipment and age appropriate developmental material.



Early Start Montessori helps the child to gain the ability to solve challenges, make new friends and to respect one another.

We strive to educate the child holistically with a well-balanced educational Curriculum that helps them with each stage of development.

A Word

From Our Principal

” Our Learning Environment is carefully planned, designed and inviting for each child to work at their own pace, work freely and to express themselves. Children are taught to respect the environment, their teachers and fellow friends. “

– Amina Moola

Kid playing with blocks


What We Stand For


To provide each child with a rich and stimulating environment that will meet their individual developmental milestone, intellectual, emotional, social need in accordance with the Montessori philosophy. To cultivate a lifelong love for learning and to nurture each child with love and respect.


To educate the child and prepare them fully for future learning and life. To empower them to becoming self-sufficient, independent and responsible to make good choices and strive for the best that they can do in all that they do.


To educate the child with a high quality of education, confidence, independence, respect, love for leaning that will help them with their future academic endeavours and life choices.

Our School


Our curriculum is designed to cater for each child’s individual needs and to prepare them completely for and future learning moving towards Primary School.

We cater for children :
15mths – 3yrs – Play Group
3yrs – 4yrs – RR
4yrs – 5yrs – R (Well Formulated Readiness Program)

We offer:
Half Day – School Only
Full Day – School and Aftercare – Meals provided
Holiday Care
Hourly Care
Weekend Care – Saturday
Weekend Care – Sunday
After Hours Care


Open Day

Day – Saturday
Time – 3pm – 5pm
October 20, 27
November – 3, 10, 17, 24
December – 1, 8


What Parents are Saying

“As parents, the best decision we could have made is enrolling my son Sohail at Early Start Montessori Pre-Primary School at the tender age of 3. He is prepared socially and academically for middle school and beyond. He can engage in class discussions, self-driven and showing tremendous accountability and responsibility. The teachers work well in communicating homework and engaging each child. There is a good emphasis in concrete math skills and reading comprehension & writing. Sohail has received the help he needs to understand all the basic foundations including common core math. All the staff members are pleasant, helpful and extremely professional. Sohail’s teachers take a personal interest in his happiness and well-being. It is nice to know he is in such good hands when we can’t be with him.”

Mr and Mrs Khan

( Sohail )

“Early Start Montessori Pre-Primary School is an excellent school with a nurturing and caring environment. The principal and teachers have consistently maintained a high standard of education which is both stimulating and creative. My children love school and they learn while having fun. The teachers can be commended for their dedication to the profession and the exceptional manner for which they care for our children. I highly recommend this outstanding school as I strongly believes that it stands head and shoulder above any other Pre-Primary School.”

Mrs Pillay

( Dayusha and Daishara )

“My son Muhammed Owais since being in Early Start Montessori Pre-Primary School has grown from strength to strength. He has become vibrant and bubbly. The pride, passion and personal touch given by the Principal and teachers is speechless. They are brilliant in the way the kids are handled and techniques uses with kids. I’d recommend Early Start Montessori Pre-Primary School to any parent.”

Mrs Sheikh

( Muhammed Owais )

Get In Touch


Telephone: 068 341 4676

Email: [email protected]

School Hours
School Only: M-F: 7am - 12pm
After Care: M-F: 7am - 5:30pm

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